Games with English: insert the word “only” anywhere into the above sentence and consider how the placement changes meaning.

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got stuff so i can use my sandwich maker to make grilled cheese or tuna melts

also nutella sandwiches

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just bought a shitload of groceries

getting these up to my room will be a pain in the ass but then i will have food in my room

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reblog if ur literal anime trash



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The community in Ferguson is struggling to come up with the money to keep their kids fed, since school has been cancelled all this time, yet people have donated over $12,000 to the murderer who started all of this in the last 24 hours alone. Think about that. And then donate to the right cause.

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whenever someone tells me “it’s your fault i ship this” my heart swells with pride and purpose

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nope, i was wrong, it did save

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i spent like 2 hours this afternoon playing videogame tycoon, and then it crashed and didnt save anything

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i want food but in order to get it i have to shower and get dressed

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im still in my pajamas

and also i called home to do the good daughter thing and got an extra boost of self-esteem bc my dad told me he was proud of me again bc of that A i got in japanese

so things are looking up

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